Aaron will be OK, won't he? Won't he? aka please, let him be OK...

He can't really be hurt, can he??  Depression and loss and Aaron Rodgers collarbone...


I'm not sure what the proper word is for, as our friends in NorCal would say, "Hella Devastated."  Thoughts and Prayers, of course, to all the victims of the wild fires.  Far more devastating than the Packers season but Aaron's broken collarbone is also causing a large amount of grief back in the great state of Wisconsin.  It's not as important but nevertheless...  It's been such a fucked up year with all the injuries.  In my 24 years of watching football, I can't remember (the drugs and booze probably don't help) a team this ravaged by injuries, at the same positions nonetheless, as the 2017 Packers.  I know, I know, Vikings fans mention they've lost their starting quarterback and running back as well, BUT we all know losing Sam Bradford is not the same as losing Aaron Rodgers.  Only the Patriots losing Tom Brady can compare.  But he's gone.  There's nothing we can do now except trust the process, get better every day, overcome adversity, yada, yada, yada.  I watched Brett Hundley's post game presser and I feel OK about our prospects.  It would be mental to torture myself and expect the worst (as I do with most of the things in my life), and he does seem like a very smart, confident, talented kid ready to make the most of his opportunity.  I think we will be OK.  I really do.  It may sound insane but I feel we'll be in good hands and ready to compete for the NFC North.  I'm not ready to give up, especially to the Vikings.  Fuck that.  We're coming for you.  When the 2013 season ended with Rodgers and Cobb coming back to re-enact the ending of "The Natural," I decided no season was ever really over.


Anyways, as I sit in the Marriott Springhill Suites in Bend, OR (a very nice hotel, I might add), I can't help but feel hopeful.  I want to thank all those who tuned in to my Periscope Live "Friday Night is for the Drinkers" Concert Series on Friday the 13th.  The theme was "Girls," as in the 2nd of my 4 part series about the things I write songs about:  Cars, Girls, Drinking and Rock N' Roll.  It ran longer than I anticipated but the topic of "girls" is so broad and covered 2 of my favorite songs ("Lookin' at Luckey" and "Just Like Jon Fickes") plus a live favorite that never made a record ("Johnny and Mary part II" sorry, no link as it's not released) that I couldn't cut down the stories and emotion of playing those tunes.  Also, I know, I know; Wild Turkey Bourbon?  Well, when you're traveling you can't buy the top shelf stuff as you need to buy smaller containers of alcohol, hence, the Wild Turkey; which I am finishing off tonight.  No, it does not have anything to do with those fucking god awful Matthew McConaughey commercials.  I just like decent, high-proof bourbon and my local liquor store doesn't have Knob Creek in pints.  Anyways, it was a fun show and I know I talked more than usual, but fuck you, that's my prerogative, and I'm the only one in the room for the shows, so I get to DO IT MY WAY.  Next PERISCOPE LIVE "FRIDAY NIGHT IS FOR THE DRINKERS" LIVE SHOW IS:  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27TH AT 9PM EST/6PM PST.  Search "Bradley Wik" (@bradleywik) on the Periscope app or follow on your PC by clicking HERE.


As I've mentioned before, putting out this record has been one disaster after another.  Now, that I'm playing shows to promote this fucker, it's no different.  I was concussed for the month before and at least 2 weeks after my official album release.  Couldn't practice, couldn't play for that time.  Then, of course, I injured my left index finger (main guitar playing finger) playing pick up basketball with some younger kids (note:  don't play pickup basketball with younger kids.  They're much more spry and athletic).  I haven't been able to make a barre chord ever since.  Then, last Tuesday, I went to sleep OK and woke up not being able to move my wrist, which, it turns out, is important to playing guitar.  Bad dream, weird sleeping position, who knows, but it still fucking hurts.  My last Periscope show was excruciating and would have been worse without the Wild Turkey 101.  I still can hardly drive, open a bottle, take a shower, etc. without terrible pain in my wrist and finger.  It sucks not being 21 anymore and able to bounce back from any injury in 24 hours and having to deal with this shit.  But, I've no choice.  Hopefully, all this bad luck (the countless fucking disasters and horrible things during the recording process, mixing and mastering process) will yield an amazing reverse karma deal and will end up with me becoming famous, well, more famous than I am.  Hope-fucking-ly...  Speaking of Hope, nope, that's another blog.  Long story...


Still, I feel blessed to even be able to record and release my music.  Some fucking kid from Horicon, WI is getting radio play in Milwaukee, Denver, Anchorage, Vancouver, BC, San Antonio, Las Cruces, Boise, Murfreesboro, Piscataway, etc.  It's unbelievable.  If you like the record, don't forget to buy it on iTunes or get an actual CD or VINYL on CDBABY.  And buy one for a friend, or a fucking enemy, I don't give a shit.  Just support independent artists so we/I can keep making wonderful, amazing, fucking mind-bending, soul-fulfilling music.


By the way, if you're ever in Lebanon, OR, you should stay at the Boulder Falls Inn.  It's fucking awesome.  Great bar and even better bartenders (skip the restaurant and grab food on the second floor bar).  It has a Japanese Garden, which I love, the rooms are big and comfortable, the toilet capable of handling a big shit, it's brilliant.  Although, the Japanese Garden in Portland, OR refused to hire me because I didn't have non-profit experience, though the job was for a management of personnel position, which I had done for 3-4 years.  Fucking assholes.  They're so much better because their company doesn't make money for shareholders, though they make money just the same as I.  Oh, wait, they're the same.  Dickholes.


Fuck it.  It's still a shame that THIS VIDEO only has 19 million views.  Should be 1 Billion.  Or, at least, more than however many Justin Bieber has.  At least Shakira get her due, just watch THIS VIDEO.  Not sure how that is related, outside of the fact that I really like her, and she's ungodly beautiful.  I read in an article how one of her favorite bands was AC/DC, which immediately made me cum.  Just imagine this beauty rocking out to (my favorite AC/DC song) "Big Balls."  In love, hard.  So hard...


Wait, what was I talking about?  Not sure and don't care.  I'm just going to watch Shakira videos for the rest of the night.  Bye y'all...


Wait, if you're in the Salem, Keizer, Albany, Lebanon, Oregon area, I'll be playing a show at Conversion Brewing Saturday November 18th from 8-10pm.  If you're not, then check out my next PERISCOPE LIVE "FRIDAY NIGHT IS FOR THE DRINKERS" LIVE SHOW on:  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27TH AT 9PM EST/6PM PST.  Search "Bradley Wik" (@bradleywik) on the Periscope app or follow on your PC by clicking HERE.


Peace Bitches!

Back to back, just like the first two Super Bowls... aka The Prodigy and my upcoming Periscope show...



There's still half a bottle of Jim Beam Double Oak (again, still not as tasty as the extra aged Black, or about 20 other bourbons, but hey, it's cheap), so I'm back.  I forgot that since this blog is now also being posted to my official website, www.bradleywik.com, I was going to write a sort of "intro" blog to warn people before yesterday's barrage of cursing, way too personal insights and a candor matched only by my drunkenness, because, let's be honest, that's what this is.  That's why I started writinga blog and why I continue to do so.  I needed an outlet for the crazy, depressed, deep and dark thoughts that I usually just keep to myself.  And, since therapy is expensive and a blog was free, I chose this.  So, for all those new to this or just learning about my deficiencies, again, probably a little too much drinking, way too much depression (as if any is OK) and my Asperger's are probably the top 3, in some order, I would caution you to proceed if you are sensitive to "blue" language, too much honesty and opinions that are way too strong for comfort.  Yesterday's post was pretty dark and way too revealing, so I'm going to lighten it up on this one and keep it short.  Main point, read no further if you are faint of heart.  If you want to delve deep or affected by one of the aforementioned afflictions and want to feel less alone, as I often do, read on, brave ones...


First off, I would like to mention that when I turned on the TV today, the NFL Network was replaying the Packers - Cowboys game, which was the best possible outcome when switching on the 'ol tube.  It could've been more Trump/Russia news or Trump/North Korea news or Trump/NFL news or Trump as a sexual predator news or Harvey Weinstein as a sexual predator news, or, on the lighter side (JFK - just fucking kidding), more fucking hurricane news or Puerto Rico news, oh, wait, still not lighter...  Anywhosal, it was the latest triumph of a one Mr. Aaron Rodgers (and 45 other guys).  The very guy that two years ago was criticized for not being "clutch" nor able to engineer a 4th quarter comeback.  Also, the same guy who, only one year ago, before winning 8 straight in spectacular fashion while playing out of his fucking mind, was being criticized for being "done" and past his prime.  Jesus, I get that 24 hours is a lot of time to fill, but come on.  Also, the recipient of that miraculous throw with 16 seconds left, Davante Adams, spent the entire 2015 season being ridiculed by everyone I knew and almost all of Packernation for being terrible, despite dealing with a terrible foot injury the whole year.  Unless they are 40+ years old (Tom Brady notwithstanding), or 30+ for running backs, wide receivers, lineman and linebackers, if a player mysteriously gets worse, it probably means they're fucking hurt.  Turns out that slamming your highly trained body into larger, also highly trained bodies repeatedly is not good for it and may, nope, will cause injury.  So, how about we all chill the fuck out and "just watch, baby."  


Sidenote:  who else is as fucking pumped as I am about Mr. Vic Ketchman coming out of retirement to write his once a week reader submitted questions column again?  If you don't know what I'm talking about, Vic used to write a daily, then twice daily during the season, column, where readers would submit questions about the Jaguars then later Packers (when he came to Green Bay, of course) and Vic would answer them.  He was sarcastic, he was funny, he was truthful, he was engaging, he was one of the last sportswriters (Bill Simmons, it's all on you now!) with a goddamn personality.  He has been covering football since the 70's (Steelers back then, lucky dog, during their golden years) and could impart so much wisdom to us maniacal fanatics about football, life or "Caddyshack."  It was my favorite thing when I worked a shitty job at the paint store.  When it was finally time for my lunch (which was never in the fucking summer as it was so busy), I would make my turkey and cheese bagel sandwich (every day for 5 years.  Asperger's much?) and sit down to read Ask Vic in the solitude of the rat infested back room and just lose myself for 30 minutes.  He could pull me out of my daily slog and get me laughing and give me perspective when I needed it most.  Though it's only once a week now, I'm so glad to have him back.  I needed it.  I really did.  If you have never read Vic, please CLICK HERE as soon as fucking possible.  Seriously, if you're still reading and not clicking, fuck you...


OK, now that that is behind us, let's move on to some more important shit.  Remember how crazy it was when 10 year old Bradley saw THIS SHIT for the first time?  Of course you don't.  Only I do.  Not only did my brain just fucking break (an Asperger's thing that happens when I can't figure out how something was made.  Until then, music was made by guitars, drums, basses, pianos, keyboards, etc.  This was none of that) but my eyeballs nearly fell out of my fucking head seeing that video on MTV for the first time.  Remember MTV showing videos and playing music?  I'm so fucking old.  I, like I always do, probably because of the Asperger's, immediately wanted to hate it.  It had none of Rock N' Roll elements that I knew so well.  It had no guitars, wasn't about cars, girls, drinking or Rock N' Roll, like all good Rock N' Roll songs are, wasn't comfortable, in fact, it was intentionally uncomfortable, the singer wasn't good looking, it had no shots of the band behind him playing to thousands of screaming fans; it was just... fucking... weird...  So, my Asperger's brain hated it.  I told everyone how terrible it was and I couldn't stop talking about it (which I found out is another Asperger's trait.  Repeatedly saying the same things though no one cares or wants to hear).  It was the worst fucking thing ever, in my mind.  Then, like a month later, I realized I couldn't stop thinking about it.  Then THIS HAPPENED.  After seeing that (the MTV censored version, for sure), my head was officially in a pretzel; I had a pretzel in my head.  I completely lost my mind and flipped sides.  I loved it.  I loved it more than anything I had ever heard.  The next time we were in Beaver Dam at the mall, I took my lawn mowing money and purchased the "Fat of the Land" on cassette.  I listened to that every chance I could.  I remember listening to that tape, and only that tape, every Saturday as I mowed 3 lawns.  I fucking wore that tape out.  But, alas, none of my small town, white, rural, farm-raised friends would listen with me.  I remember a party we had a bit later, 8th grade I believe, where I busted this shit out and everyone got so pissed except for one girl.  They ran over and took the tape out and threw it at me. They were so pissed.  They couldn't wait to get back to the Metallica, Poison, Def Leppard, Winger or whatever the fuck they wanted so bad.  Could've been Tupac as I remember he was a big hit with the young, white, Wisconsin youth who liked to get fucked up on a Friday night at age 12.  Good times...  Needless to say, me and the one girl who also enjoyed The Prodigy spent the rest of the night making out and totally fucked off the rest of the group.  Good times...


Oh yeah, I wanted to mention my upcoming Periscope Live Show this Friday, October 13th, at 9pm EST/6pm PST.  I'm currently going through the four topics of Rock N' Roll on my "Friday Night is for the Drinkers Concert Series" which I play every couple weeks on, yep, you guessed it, Friday Night:  cars, girls, drinking and Rock N' Roll.  I did "cars" last week, playing "Drive all Night," "Dance with me Darlin'," "Friday Night is for the Drinkers" and "'66 Chevelle."  Fuck, that video for "Friday Night is for the Drinkers" is awesome.  So cool to have that motorcycle stunt in there, completely randomly.  This week I'll be taking on the topic of "girls," which could be almost every fucking song I've ever written but I'm choosing only my favorite "girls" and the characters I'm the most in love with.  Remember, every song I write is 50% things I've done, 50% things I've seen and 50% things I've made up to make the song rhyme.  So, you know that I know most of these "characters," or, more than likely, knew, as I rarely stay in contact with people.  I'm fucking horrible at it.  When I decide to change something in my life, I just walk away from everything and it magically (read:  Asperger's-ly) becomes something that seems like I read it in a book and it didn't actually happen to me.  It's just a vague memory that haunts me when I can't sleep, or, even worse, when I actually can (SEE LAST POST).  Anywhosal, search and follow "Bradley Wik" (@bradleywik) on the Periscope app or CLICK HERE to follow on your PC.  I'll see you Friday!  Or, I won't actually as you can see me but I can't see you.  Which, is probably good just in case you're pooping while you're watching...

New commitment to this blog and y'all. aka I'm gonna do this shit for real...

You deserve better and I'm gonna give it to you.  Hot.  Wait, no, I just mean.  Ah, fuck.  I mean give it to you, sexually, or emotionally...


Sitting here in the Marriott Fairfield Inn in (ha!) Moses Lake, WA watching THE HIGHLIGHTS FROM GREEN BAY'S INCREDIBLE WIN OVER THE DALLAS COWBOYS one more time, drinking some Jim Beam Double Oak (not as good as the Jim Beam Black, but better than the White Label for sure.  We'll know definitively based on how I feel tomorrow morning), OK, well, drinking quite a bit of Jim Beam Double Oak, I can't help but feel lonesome; so I decided to write to y'all.  This Packers win reminds me of THIS WIN and THIS WIN, the second of which I WROTE ABOUT HERE.  Today is good day.  So why am I still so depressed?


I remember when I first starting traveling a lot, both I and the people I knew thought it was so cool to be in different cities, staying in different hotels (and often shitty motels) and seeing more of the country all the time.  But, it turns out, like anything, it was both exciting and extremely dull.  It turns out you don't get to see much.  I wish I could spend more time in each place.  The ones I visit often, I find I have more fun in.  I get to see and understand the local landscape, where all the cool bars and restaurants are and it helps me find the places I want to play at next time I'm around.  Some of those cities and towns turn out to be amazing, and some not so much.  I remember seeing Moses Lake, WA on HGTV (yes, I watch a lot of HGTV.  Yes, I like it.  No, I don't feel bad about it.  Chip Gaines and Jonathon Scott = thumbs up, Joanna Gaines and Drew Scott and pretty much everything else on HGTV = thumbs down, but I still watch because I'm too tired and too much a germaphobe to grab the remote and change it.  Also, I'm usually too fucking drunk to care.) and thinking it looks so beautiful, until I realized I've been there many times and I know better.  Yes, there are beautiful parts but I would never move there.  It's where my good friend Jon Fickes grew up, who would go on to make MUSIC LIKE THIS.  But, I love shitty TV.  I need the noise because I'm terrified of the silence and darkness.


True story:  I'm fucking petrified of the dark.  I cannot sleep in total darkness.  I lined my apartment with nightlights (read:  I bought two.  I have a small, shitty apartment).  But, it's probably not for the reason you may think; unless you also have Asperger's and are a depressed alcoholic with more issues than Sports Illustrated (remember when you would wait all week for the latest issue and when it came, you would sit in your room and read every word so that you could spend the next week discussing it in depth with all your friends?  Yeah, now that's a tweeter or whatever the kids call it and it's discussed for like fifteen minutes until the next one comes along.  Sad..).  No, it's for a different reason.  You know the movie "Inception?"  Well, that's how I dream; every fucking night.  No joke, it's fucking awful.  It's always a dream within a dream within a dream.  I can't tell you how many times I "wake up" only to find I'm just in another dream.  And they're always fucking terrible dreams that only end with me dying in some horrific fashion, only to start back at the beginning like "Groundhog Day" from hell.  Some nights it gets so bad that I intentionally try to kill myself in the dream, just to get out.  Never helps.  But, just like in "Inception" I always try to find something that is just a bit off, so I can tell if I'm still dreaming.  Sometimes it's the time when I check my phone.  Sometimes it's the coloring of the lights when I flip them on.  Sometimes it's the toilet when I get up to take a piss.  But something usually tips me off and I'm back into the darkness and back into the hellish nature of my dream, until I die and get to start back at the beginning; so I can live it all over again.  When it's completely dark in the house, I can never tell if I'm awake or not and I panic.  I know, alcohol probably doesn't help.  But neither does lying awake all night because you're terrified of the dreams you'll have after you fall asleep.  Is it something a therapist could fix?  God, I hope so.  I need one, but it turns out it's hard to find someone on my shitty insurance who understands Asperger's, which, it turns out, is a whole fucking challenge on its own.  Wait, why did I start writing this?


Oh yeah, I wanted to let you know that I'll FINALLY be writing these on a consistent basis.  I know, I know, I've said that before.  BUT, I will be posting one of these every Monday, rain or shine, depression or not (like that is ever a "not"), drunk or sober, full of ideas or just rambling.  I'll probably just want to talk about the latest Packers game and my week.  What was good, or more likely, what was bad.


Well, this week it's pretty fucking good, for once.  I saw Feist this weekend.  If you haven't seen her live, she's far more badass, more fucking Rock N' Roll, more guitar Goddess-y, more fucking genre-exploding-ly awesome than you can imagine.  JUST CHECK THIS SHIT OUT.  She's every bit the singer you would fathom from the records, doing shit that others wish they could only think of with her voice but she's an amazingly awesome guitar player and performer as well.  I'll probably always remember her for THIS, but I know I'm wrong and just a stubborn Asperger's asshole.  Which, sounds funny and I should probably trademark.  "Asperger's Asshole" sounds like a fucking hipster band who doesn't understand how debilitating it can be for a person (or, more accurately, the person who loves a person with Asperger's and has to deal with that bullshit).  Or, my Feist is also defined by THIS.  And, of course, it only matters what I think.  God, sometimes it sucks to have Asperger's as I actually believe that.  Just ask my poor girlfriend.  Or, any of the past ones.  Not fun; for them especially.  I've now been asked by every single girlfriend of longer than a month or so if I'd rather be the lonely singer-songwriter and have that story than them.  It's nothing I can do, it just seems that way.  Of course I wouldn't.  I haven't wanted that any of the many times, it just seems that way as I cannot express my level of Catholic guilt/Asperger's not wanting to change anything in a way that doesn't include me being angry and resentful towards people who accuse me of things.  I wish it didn't have to be this way.  I wish I didn't seem like such as asshole, because I'm not, in my heart, but, alas, it certainly seems so, and the more I am pushed, the more I dig in.  Not fun for either of us...


Also, I'm feeling like a failure as I don't think I did enough to promote my record release.  Now, for sure, it didn't go poorly and we've been getting good press and initial sales.  But, since I was in a car accident and concussed a month and a half before and up to and through the release, I missed some critical time.  I wasn't right til after the release.  I feel guilty about it and wish I could've done more, but when you can't see, hear or think straight, it's hard.  Concussions suck fucking ass, but I know two things for sure:


1.  I wouldn't have not played sports knowing the consequences.  I loved every minute, including the four previous times (that I remember, could be more) that I got my "bell rung" (two in football, one in basketball, which included a torn achilles, and one in baseball, which included a broken nose).  


2.  I'm predisposed to head and brain injuries as when I was a baby I had a chunk of my skull removed and then re-connected due to a bone growth deficiency.  Imagine my poor mother trying to keep a two year old from hitting his head on shit, as it could cause permanent brain damage.  Not fun.  Two year olds fucking run into everything.  My mom had to turn our whole house into a padded, blanketed wonderland so I didn't turn out mentally retarded or worse.  God bless her.  Seriously.  I could never imagine the stress she was under as her child had no skull protecting part of his brain for like a year.  I owe her my life and everything.  She's a saint...


The guilt I feel over not giving this release my all is intense and I'll probably never forgive myself for getting into a car accident that was 100% not my fault (I was rear-ended at a red light).  But it'll help motivate me over the next year or so to work harder.  I hate feeling guilty, which is why I don't go to Catholic church anymore.  That and the fact that if God wanted us to go to church, He wouldn't have invented Football and Nascar.  Yes, I'm a Nascar fan.  No, it's not just fucking turning left, as people assume.  And I love Bill Elliott's kid, Chase Elliott.  And Ricky Stenhouse Jr. as I've met him a few times and totally got my ass kicked by him go-kart racing.  True story.


OK, with half the bottle of Jim Beam Double Oak gone, I should probably wrap this up.  I'd like to claim that THIS WAS ME but, apparently, there's another Brad Wik.  Fucking dick.  Stealing my thunder as being the awesome-est Bradley Wik.  Well, let's be honest, I still am the awesome-est and maybe that is me (the video is inconclusive and I don't really remember high school, so maybe!).  Well, for sure THIS IS ME and I'll leave you with young Bradley Wik singing folk songs in open-D tuning for some reason, while playing at the venerable Cafe Wha?.  Still can't remember why I decided open-D was the best decision since I never played those songs in that key before or after that show, but so be it, it turned out alright.  I love y'all, and I'll see y'all Friday, October 13th (spooky, I know) at 9pm EST/6pm PST for my next live Periscope show.  Search "Bradley Wik" (@bradleywik) on the Periscope app or CLICK HERE to follow on your computer.  Good night y'all. See you on Friday and talk more next Monday...


First off, I would like to thank everyone who joined in and watched my first ever PERISCOPE LIVE CONCERT!  I appreciate all the kind words, hearts, funny comments and especially the interaction between those who tuned in live.  It was amazing to see @jakebecker make fun of my disheveled (and, I think, sexy) looks, all the people saying "clap, clap" and tapping hearts at the end of songs to make me feel less like a guy with a guitar alone in a room playing music to my phone and a mic, and, of course, @mattysauza with my favorite comment of the night:  "Tommy Stinson loves you."


I realize that I'm still learning how to do this and make it as fun as possible for everyone.  I missed a lot of comments during the show, caught myself watching myself on camera and trying to read what people were saying and missing a chord (which not being able to play guitar for the month and a half before because of a car accident didn't help either, but still) and am getting used to playing and talking to myself; which I do all the time, but that's usually only after a pint or so of bourbon, a couple episodes of BoJack Horseman and an hour or so spent wondering how I'm not as famous as I think I am...  Or, what I call "Friday Night."


Which leads me to my next point:


I am calling these Periscope Live shows the "Friday Night is for the Drinkers Concert Series."


Those in the know will get that reference, but for those who don't, stop whatever you're doing IMMEDIATELY and CHECK THIS SHIT OUT!  The plan is that I will do these Periscope Live concerts every other week, with new songs and stories, and various amounts of drinking before, during and after the show, themed to what I am drinking that night (mostly different types of bourbons, but also some scotch, wine and beers as well).  I will be broadcasting from different locations, bringing on some of my talented friends to play/talk about their music, opening up about my personal life, some of the crazy shit I've done while traveling around the country playing music, my struggles with depression, my struggles with Asperger's, and anything else I think of and want to discuss with friends, family and complete strangers via the internet.  Hell, there may or may not be giveaways to live viewers.  You'll have to tune in and see...  Future plans include an accompanying "Friday Night is for the Drinkers" podcast that offers deep dives into and expands on some of the songs/stories, goes back over the previous concert with a look ahead to the next one, and more of the one thing everyone loves:  Bradley Wik.


Sidenote:  I love people who love my music (I'm easy) and want to congratulate @mattysauza on being the first to request a song!  I was only playing songs from the new record for the album release so I wasn't able to fulfill it, but @mattysauza rest assured there's a song coming for you on the next one...  Now, it's not TRL but I will pick at least one request (of my songs) per show (maybe more depending on how generous/drunk I feel) to play.


Thanks again and I'll see you all soon!  Well, I guess you'll all see me and I'll occasionally see things that you say about me.  More comments, more interaction, more hearts, more making fun of me and each other, I love it all!


Remember follow @bradleywik on the Periscope app to stay up to date or CLICK HERE to sign up and watch these shows on your computer.

Go Pack Go! Intro video on Periscope!

Hey everyone!  It's Bradley Wik here and I want to let all y'all know that I posted the first video to my official Periscope account, which can be found HERE or by looking up "Bradley Wik" (@bradleywik) on Periscope.  Videos on Periscope only stay up for 24 hours so get on it and watch that shit!  It's the first Sunday of Football and I couldn't be more excited that my Green Bay Packers (yes, "my" as I am an official stock owner) just defeated the Seattle Seahawks in an amazing and thrilling game.  Unbelievable defensive game from both teams but, alas, my Packers prevailed.  I still haven't forgot the "Fail Mary" game or the 2014 NFC Championship Game that we shouldn't have lost, but that's another post for another day...


Remember that THIS FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 15TH at 9pm EST and 9pm PST I will be performing LIVE ON PERISCOPE to kick off our official album release for "In My Youth, I'm Getting Old..." (pre-order available now on iTunes).  I'll be posting videos all week leading up to our official album release on Friday.


Friday September 15th at 9pm EST and 9pm PST, Bradley Wik will be performing LIVE ON PERISCOPE.  Tune in to follow Bradley HERE or by searching "Bradley Wik" (@bradleywik) on the Periscope app.

Friday September 15th at 9pm EST and 9pm PST, Bradley Wik will be performing LIVE ON PERISCOPE.  Tune in to follow Bradley HERE or by searching "Bradley Wik" (@bradleywik) on the Periscope app.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 15TH, Bradley Wik will be LIVE... in your living room. Or bathroom, your choice...

On FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15TH (the day of our official album release), I, Bradley Wik, will be live-streaming an intimate acoustic performance for our fans all around the world.  "How?" you may ask.  Turns out the internet is weird and there's this thing called PERISCOPE.  It's not something we've ever attempted, done or even though about until now.  But, while recording an interview for a radio station in Switzerland, I thought of how limiting playing traditional shows can be sometimes.  Playing shows is only for one specific place at one specific time.  I wanted to play for all our wonderful, amazing fans, wherever they may be.  For crying out loud, my own mother, for instance, has only seen me play three times, IN THE PAST TEN YEARS...


So, I've decided this is the best way to spread the love and be with everyone at once; because that's what everyone wants:  to be closer to Bradley Wik.  It will be intimate, it will be revealing, it will contain adult language, it will be one man with a guitar, and it will be what previously could only be seen in select places.  I'm so excited for this!


So, the details:


Friday, September 15th at both 9pm EST and 9pm PST

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You can watch on either your phone or your computer.  I will most likely be doing these live-streaming shows every other Friday, but, for now, tune in Friday, September 15th for ALBUM RELEASE LIVE-STREAMING EVENT SHOW!  Yes, I know, it's kind of short notice but hey, you've got 20-30 minutes, right?  Look at how handsome I am in a bedroom...  I could be in your bedroom...  Hot, right?



Look at that sexy man...  Who wouldn't want him in their bedroom?  Well, on September 15th at 9pm EST and 9pm PST you can make that happen.  Follow @bradleywik on the Periscope app or at https://www.pscp.tv/bradleywik/follow

Look at that sexy man...  Who wouldn't want him in their bedroom?  Well, on September 15th at 9pm EST and 9pm PST you can make that happen.  Follow @bradleywik on the Periscope app or at https://www.pscp.tv/bradleywik/follow

What others are saying about BWC... (Also, many thanks for all the support!)

"Bradley Wik's "Some Girls (Still Love Rock'n'Roll)" is a really excellent example of what I have controversially (apparently) called the Tragic Woman. As the song unfolds, Wik's deep empathy and understand for the character is evidently clear. The subject isn't a source of objectification or moralizing. Whether or not this woman is real, in the song she is a complex and fully realized human. Straight cis male singer-songwriters of the world, take note: this is how you write a song about a woman."  - Rachel Cholst | Adobe and Teardrops (see full post HERE or click the image below)


"Today, Bradley Wik & The Charlatans are proud to release their first single, “Some Girls (Still Love Rock N Roll).” For those thirsting for a fresh rock n roll sound, Bradley Wik is the answer. Raw and unpretentious, the sound harkens back to the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and the Replacements. No gimmicks, no frills. Just pure passion."  - Skope Magazine (see full post HERE or click the image below)


Also, I'd like to thank AMERICANA DAILY (click HERE) and our international friends at Leo Swiss Radio (click HERE) Velvety (click HERE) for supporting and promoting BWC!  Thank you all so much and I can't wait to release this album!!  September 15th is coming quick!  Big announcement early next week regarding how all y'all can catch moi, Bradley Wik, and see/hear moi (me?) perform live...  I'll be closer than you think...


Single Release/Feature - "Let's Go Out Tonight" - DOUBLE EDITION!!

"A Midwest boy searching for the music that once was and that could be once again, Bradley Wik is an outspoken realist and earnest romantic who sings of everyday men and women stumbling through life together."  - The Daily Country


"An unpretentious  heartland roots rocker that would make Mellencamp or Westerberg proud, "Let's Go Out Tonight," with its undeniably infectious melody and sweet harmonies, tells the real, relatable story of two people simply trying to figure things out."  - Tara Joan | No Depression


Click below for the full articles and to hear this exciting new track:



Amazing to have this song debuted on two sites!  So many thanks to The Daily Country and No Depression for supporting BWC!  Remember, early next week I'll be announcing SOMETHING AWESOME surrounding how you can see and hear moi, Mr. Bradley Wik himself, LIVE and how I'll be closer to you than you may think...


Single Release/Feature of "Lookin' at Luckey"

"We’ve got an in your face feel-good rock song by Bradley Wik & The Charlatans today that’ll make you yearn for classic guitar-rock songs to make a roaring comeback. If what we can expect from Wik are songs like “Lookin’ At Luckey” – he might bring the revival all by himself.  - Jake Craney, Groundsounds | July 14th, 2017


Check it out here:

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There's a good quote in there from me about "Lookin' at Luckey" that you can't find anywhere else.  It's one of the few times my quote has been printed in its entirety, which is awesome!  Normally, they take my (way too long) quote and pick a line or two, but click above for my thoughts on "Luckey" in full.  Thanks again Jake|Groundsounds!

Keep an eye out for an exciting announcement in the next week or so!!



Single Release/Feature of "Some Girls (Still Love Rock N' Roll)" on Enter the Venture

"Wik’s songs are snapshots in life, from nights filled with dancing, drinking and laughter to dark nights of defeat." - Isiah Reyes, Enter the Venture | June 21, 2017


Check it out here:

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Song Premiere "Some Girls (Still Love Rock N' Roll)", by Bradley Wik, on OPB Music

Bradley Wik and the Charlatans released their very first single, "Some Girls (Still Love Rock N' Roll)" and they are the featured song of the week by OPB Music.


The song’s an unpretentious throwback, with lyrics about the pitfalls of playing the part of a rock ‘n’ roll singer.
— David Christensen opbmusic | June 19, 2017

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Want to know what "Some Girls" is all about?

Get the first listen and song premiere details here: 


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