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reviews for:

"In My Youth, I'm Getting Old..."


Reviews for:

"Burn What you Can, Bury the Rest..."


“When you stumble into Wik and company, you find a band that is almost too young to possess the sound it commands, seasoned beyond its years and ready to take off...” - Eugene Weekly

Burn What You Can, Bury the Rest…” is the title of Bradley Wik and the Charlatans deeply satisfying new album . . . Wik’s roots lie in the Midwest and that sensibility is reflected in their straight up blue-collar rock reminiscent of early Petty and Springsteen. - The Source Weekly

“While much younger than most in the alternative country genre, Wik clearly has a lot of enthusiasm for his music, and he seems poised to make a name for himself...”  - Reporter Online

“Bradley Wik and the Charlatans have taken worn hands and crafted an album of jaded and nostalgic beauty”  -

“Those punk bands I've heard who want to sound like Springsteen should listen to this and take notes...”  -


“I'm apparently a sucker for these guys too, because this record's great...”  -

“Burn What You Can, Bury the Rest… is filled with this heartland rock and roll, rich with tales of hard-working, well-intentioned characters...”  -

“Burn What You Can, Bury The Rest” plays like a maturing vision of ones past, present and future...”  -

“Bradley Wik (like Ryan Adams and once upon a time Paul Westerberg) finds comfort and familiarity with the working-class Americana and rock typified by Bob Seger, Springsteen, Tom Petty and John (Cougar) Mellencamp...”  - Campus Circle

“Bradley Wik's "Midwest Winters" might be the best gift among the many great gifts here...”   -

“Do you remember rock and roll?”  - The Vinyl Anachronist

“But most of all, Bradley Wik is an original...”  - No Deal Music