Styx and Canadien Comedies... aka what a week

Jesus fuck I’m tired. Have all y’all seen “Corner Gas?”

If you haven’t (and are subscribed to Amazon Prime. Then again, who isn’t these days?) then you should check that motherfucking shit out. It’s my favorite “New Zealand new” show (aka new to me). It is a Canadian comedy about a small, small town. It’s comfortingly hilarious for someone who grew up in small-town Wisconsin. Go Dog river. If I had more to say this week, I would. But, I don’t. I’m exhausted as fuck. Thanks Vegas. Ended up even, so that’s a win. Would’ve bet on football had I been there last Sunday, so I’m glad I wasn’t. Though, would’ve bet against the Packers last week and for them this week, so I would’ve won. But, then again, they all say that when they lay no money down… Go Pack Go!! Support no matter what. That’s my job as a fan/owner and I’ll do it til I die. Wait, this local vodka sucks? The best local vodka is Crater Lake; not going to disparage any other brands (like Cascade Alchemy). I won’t as I “love” Oregon. Oh wait… But, seriously, Crater Lake’s hazelnut vodka is crazy delicious. Fuck, I love hazelnuts. Clearly I’m tired. I’m rambling about nothing.

My song of the week is:

“Renegade” - Styx

Fuck, this song rocks. It’s been stuck in my head all week for… no reason. Just love it. Wish I could sing like this fucker. But, alas, I am who I am. I get to sound sexy and fucked up and he gets to hit all the notes. Trade offs. But, how can you not feel energized by this tune? I can’t answer that as I am all in, balls deep.

Corner Gas pic 1.png