Friday Night is for the Drinkers - Official Music Video

From our Debut Album entitled "Burn What You Can, Bury the Rest..."

Directed by Brett Roberts

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"In My Youth, I'm Getting Old..."

Bradley Wik and the Charlatans sophomore album.  Released September 15th, 2017.  Check out a sneak peak above and, afterwards, BUY ON CD , ON VINYL or on iTunes:


Here's what people are saying about "In My Youth, I'm Getting Old...":


“Some Girls (Still Love Rock N’ Roll) (is) an unpretentious throwback, with lyrics about the pitfalls of playing the part of a rock ‘n’ roll singer." - OPB Music | David Christensen


"For those thirsting for a fresh rock n roll sound, Bradley Wik is the answer. Raw and unpretentious, the sound harkens back to the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and the Replacements. No gimmicks, no frills. Just pure passion." - Skope News


"Wik’s approach to his sound is to break away from modern conventions and to return to his rock n roll roots and all the rawness and organic power it has." - Enter the Venture | Isiah Reyes


"We’ve got an in your face feel-good rock song by Bradley Wik and the Charlatans today that’ll make you yearn for classic guitar-rock songs to make a roaring comeback. If what we can expect from Wik are songs like “Lookin’ At Luckey” – he might bring the revival all by himself. This is the perfect way to kick off your Friday." - Groundsounds | Jake Craney


"Bradley Wik's "Some Girls (Still Love Rock'n'Roll)" is a really excellent example of what I have controversially (apparently) called the Tragic Woman. As the song unfolds, Wik's deep empathy and understand for the character is evidently clear. The subject isn't a source of objectificationor moralizing. Whether or not this woman is real, in the song she is a complex and fully realized human. Straight male singer-songwriters of the world, take note: this is how you write a song about a woman." - Adobe and Teardrops | Rachel Cholst


"Let's Go Out Tonight" is an unpretentious heartland roots rocker that would make Mellencamp or Westerberg proud, "Let's Go Out Tonight," with its undeniably infectious melody and sweet harmonies, tells the real, relatable story of two people simply trying to figure things out." - No Depression | Tara Joan


"A Midwest boy searching for the music that once was and that could be once again, Bradley Wik is an outspoken realist and earnest romantic who sings of everyday men and women stumbling through life together." - The Daily Country


"In order to write about life, first you must live it." These may have been Ernest Hemingway’s words, but they have been Bradley Wik’s lifestyle that has inspired his latest full-length album, “In My Youth, I’m Getting Old…” - Skope Magazine


"Bradley Wik and The Charlatans Unveil Rock Anthem "Let's Go Out Tonight" - Dope Cause We Said


"Wise beyond his years, Bradley draws on themes of redemption. There's an unmatched vitality that he brings to his music; it doesn't have to be perfect, but it does have to be worth it. What makes music great? The stories. And the moment where someone listening says, "that's me." - Rock Era Magazine

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"Burn What you Can, Bury the Rest..."

Bradley Wik and the Charlatans debut album.  Released January 17th, 2012.  Check out a sneak peak above and the BUY HERE or on iTunes:


Here's what people are saying about "Burn What You Can, Bury the Rest...":


“Exactly what you should expect:  One of the finest albums you will hear in 2012.  That’s a fact...”  - Train Wreck’d Society


Burn What You Can, Bury the Rest…” is the title of Bradley Wik and the Charlatans deeply satisfying new album . . . Wik’s roots lie in the Midwest and that sensibility is reflected in their straight up blue-collar rock reminiscent of early Petty and Springsteen. - The Source Weekly


“Bradley Wik and the Charlatans' “Burn What You Can And Bury The Rest...” proves that rock and roll is not dead but it is in fact alive and well...”  - NoDepression


“But most of all, Bradley Wik is an original...”  - No Deal Music


“When you stumble into Wik and company, you find a band that is almost too young to possess the sound it commands, seasoned beyond its years and ready to take off...” - Eugene Weekly


“While much younger than most in the alternative country genre, Wik clearly has a lot of enthusiasm for his music, and he seems poised to make a name for himself...”  - Reporter Online


“Burn What You Can, Bury The Rest… has the feeling of a seasoned group putting out an album so strong that it must have had years of road testing behind it...”  - Marquee Magazine


“Bradley Wik (like Ryan Adams and once upon a time Paul Westerberg) finds comfort and familiarity with the working-class Americana and rock typified by Bob Seger, Springsteen, Tom Petty and John (Cougar) Mellencamp...”  - Campus Circle


“Do you remember rock and roll?”  - The Vinyl Anachronist


“I'm apparently a sucker for these guys too, because this record's great...”  -


“Burn What You Can, Bury the Rest… is filled with this heartland rock and roll, rich with tales of hard-working, well-intentioned characters...”  -


“Burn What You Can, Bury The Rest” plays like a maturing vision of ones past, present and future...”  -


“Those punk bands I've heard who want to sound like Springsteen should listen to this and take notes...”  -


“Bradley Wik's "Midwest Winters" might be the best gift among the many great gifts here...”   -


“Bradley Wik and the Charlatans have taken worn hands and crafted an album of jaded and nostalgic beauty”  -